Social Media Playbook


X is a real-time channel, focusing on live, topical commentary. 

Channel Customization


Please review the digital display section for guidelines on how to develop theNissan Brand social profile picture.

Profile Image, Cover, Bio, Link

Recommended dimensions for profile images are 400x400 pixels. Recommended dimensions for header images are 1500x500 pixels. Add a short description that best represents the brand. You may also share link to a website to campaign or brand website.


Copy Guide

X allows up to 280 characters to be posted so brevity is key. 97% of users focus on visuals on X, so always include quality imagery in your posts.


Using hashtags in your posts is important for a handful of reasons:

  • When a user searches or clicks on a hashtag (e.g., #GTR, #370Z, or #Nissan), posts that have those hashtags in the copy will come up, allowing the exposure to be greater than copy without a hashtag. If a user isn’t following your handle, they may never see your post if there are no hashtags; therefore, you may be missing out on potential engagement opportunities.
  • Hashtags also describe the asset in the post. (For example: #Nissan #GTR #NISMO). When looking at the post, that user knows right away who makes the car, what model it is, and any other relevant characteristics. 
  • The order of hashtags is also important. The manufacturer (Nissan) should always come first, then the model (e.g., #GTR), detailing factors such as #NISMO, and the theme of the post (e.g., #TBT or #FastFriday). When you’re finished, it should look like this: #Nissan #GTR #NISMO #FastFriday. Consistency is key. 
  • Only use hashtags cleared by legal.

Hashtags Nissan Global Uses Regularly

  • #NissanFanArtFriday: Feature artwork of Nissan vehicles created by fans
  • #TaillightTuesday: Post taillight images of different models
  • #GuessTheNissan: Post close-up shots of "hidden" Nissan models and have fans guess which model is being featured
  • #TBT or #ThrowbackThursday: Post Nissan heritage content (Datsun 240Z, Datsun 510, R390 GT1, GTR Skyline R32, etc.)
  • #SaturdayZ: Post images of Z-cars such as280Z, 300ZX, 350Z, 370Z

Nismo should always be capitalized. e.g., #NISMO – NOT #nismo or #Nismo


Easily interact with followers with a reply. Respond to a Tweet and get into a conversation with the online community.


Retweets are Tweets that are shared publicly with followers. Retweets are utilized to forward interesting content, information. You can Retweet your own Tweets, not just others’. Do this to re-post any of your Tweets you think followers might have missed. Retweeting someone’s photographs, articles or other content raises copyright issues, so it is recommended to obtain permission before retweeting other party’s material. Otherwise, consult with your local counsel. Avoid retweeting tweets from celebrities as that may implicate their right of publicity/privacy.

X Best Practice

Copy best practice:

  • Keep your message concise. If you want to say more or continue the conversation, try using threads.
  • Limit hashtags to 1-2 per Tweet
  • Include a clear call-to-action where applicable (e.g., "Read the full story")
  • Avoid writing copy in all-caps
  • Keep a conversational tone
  • Consider using emojis to add emotions

Creative best practice:

  • Include visuals to add more personality and make creative more eye-catching
  • For effective, memorable videos, including brand logo, add subtitles and keep the videos short (6-15 seconds)
  • Avoid images with heavy text
  • When driving to a link, consider using a Website Button to make your image or video clickable
  • Use captions or another "sound-off strategy" for videos with dialogue
  • X is all about conversation. Ask questions and run polls to interact with the audience, show more personality and gather feedback.
  • Experiment with timely features such as livestream to showcase important events
  • X is most receptive to multiple daily posts, as the lifetime of a tweet tends to be shorter than other posts. Experiment with cadence and frequency, and test what works best for engaging your audience and building your community.

Community management:

  • Retweet relevant content and reply to tweets to maintain a robust presence
  • Monitor indirect mentions of your brand (keywords, hashtags, etc.)
  • Improve response time by creating pre-saved responses to common questions
  • Check for past conversations to get context and create a personalized exchange
  • Stay on top of trending events and conversations for opportunities to connect

Refer to X resources for more insights and details on platform best practice.

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