Social Media Playbook


TikTok is short video platform. Entertainment & Co-creation are key parts of the culture for success. The more the content is viewed and engaged with, the more it is extended beyond followers in recommendation feeds, even for organic content. 

Channel Customization


Please review the digital display section for guidelines on how to develop the Nissan Brand social profile picture.

Profile Image, Bio, Link

The profile picture will appear where your account is seen. Photos must be at least 20x20 pixels to upload. Add a short description that best represents the brand. You may also include a link to another social media platform.


In Feed Video

These video ads appear in the For You feed, which is an algorithm-based feed that shows users videos targeted to their interests. Recommended aspect ratio is 9:16.

To check your video ads fit with in the safety use, utilize the TikTok preview tool:


TikTok hashtags work similarly to those on most other social media sites. When you create a video, you can add them to the captions of your TikTok posts, where they will become clickable links to a content hub of all videos tagged with the same #hashtag. Only use hashtags cleared by legal.

  • Aim to include relevant hashtags that tap into mainstream TikTok culture and popular topics i.e. #ASMR #Carwash
  • Create hashtags series for related content i.e. Nissan USA's #nissanwhipofthrweek
  • Content series should also be added into a playlist so they are easier to find and follow

Brand Mnemonic

Including the brand mnemonic is not mandatory in TikTok videos. For scenarios where it is required, recommendation is to include the opening mnemonic.

TikTok Best Practice

Follow the trends

  • Monitor the latest platform, audio and video
  • Only use audio from the Tiktok Commerical Sound Library or music that you (or Nissan) has licensed directly
  • Use effects
  • Showcase vehicles in a snackable and fun way with trend-oriented style

Think accessible

  • Choose a cover photo for videos that makes them stand out
  • Include noticeable and easy-to-read descriptions
  • Captivate with captions or text on screen
  • Tap into emotions and experiences that strengthen consumers' relationship to the brand/products

Be human centric and engage with the community

  • Give personality to our vehicles
  • Operate like a Nissan fan to build an emotional connection
  • Interact with the community in the comment section
  • Connect with other creators (and/or) brands to contract with and co-create content. Where possible leverage existing partnerships
  • Pay attention to audience analytics - i.e. demographic, what time of day your audience is active, etc.

Creative must-do’s

  • Hook in viewers with an impactful visual in the first 3 seconds that features the brand and/or a human presence
  • Shoot high-res - have a video resolution of 720p or higher
  • Always include audio of any kind - i.e. cleared music, voiceover, etc.
  • The length of the video should make sense for the message you’re trying to get across, but shorter videos typically perform better. Try to keep content under 30 seconds.
  • Shoot content vertically and use full-screen aspect ratio of 9:16
  • Showcase authentic Nissan-ness“Confidence”,  ”Boldness” & ”Passion” in a  friendly and relatable manner
  • Forge meaningful connections through a shared sense of humor and relatable life experiences


  • “Stitch” or “duet” other people’s videos with Nissan content unless you obtain permission to use their video.
  • Using sounds or music from TikTok's General Sounds Library. Only use music from TikTok’s Commercial Sounds Library or music that you have permission to use.

Refer to links below resources for more insights and details on platform best practice.

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