Creative Expression Guidelines

The brand communication is being revolutionized in all of its aspects.

These Creative Expression Guidelines will detail all the different facets of this revolution – from Brand fundamentals to strategy and messaging, to design principles and downloadable assets.

Every element coming together to propel our company towards a brighter future.

Brand Cadence

This is the strategic guide for brand execution. It has the fundamentals of the Nissan Brand and must be used to inform and evaluate every brand activity and its interactions with consumers.

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Brand Foundations

This section contains the fundamental elements that define our visual identity. Our Brand Logo, color palette and fonts lay the foundation for our creative work and our brand expression.

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Feel & Look

One consistent Feel & Look optimizes Nissan brand recognition and ensures greater impact and differentiation from our competitors. All these different aspects are what make the Nissan Brand feel alive.

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Channel Guidelines

This section outlines standards for main media channels and how the different brand assets should be used across each touchpoint. Providing detailed guidance including overarching design principles, recommended logo sizing & placement, and best practice examples for touchpoints including OOH, Point of Sale, Sponsorship and more.

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Logo Size Calculator

A quick and easy way to determine size, placement and Brand Logo version that should be included in your creative communications piece.

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Online Video Best Practice Guides

Find out how to use available brand assets for your video projects, and some additional best practice learnings to help boost your content.

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Sub-brand Guidelines

Nissan’s cutting-edge performance and motorsports label also has a more modern, dynamic feel & look.

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Brand Assets for Download

Click through to the Resources section if you are looking for brand asset files, including the Illuminated Logo, NIM Logo and icons, Standard Mnemonics QuickTime files and more.

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© Nissan 2024.  All images, videos and other assets are for reference only, and are owned by or licensed to Nissan Motors Limited. Please do not use or distribute any of these assets without permission from Nissan.