Brand Logos

Thin, light and flexible, it is refined, familiar and has a digital-friendly look.

Inspired by breakthroughs in science, technology and connectivity, it signals the evolution of Nissan as not only a traditional vehicle manufacturer, but also a provider of mobility and services.

At a glance, Nissan’s pioneering efforts in electrification, driver assistance and digital connectivity is conveyed through the new logo, showing the brand’s commitment to its customers, employees and society.

VI Primary Logo

For specific use for maximum legibility against dark/light backgrounds:

PACE/Website Designs
Digital Display Banners

VI Secondary Logo

Specifically for maximum legibility and impact. Used when application is too small to see from a distance, or to obtain visibility, and where exposure time is short:

Social Profile Picture
Sponsorship Composite Logos
Small Media

Logo For Marketing Communications

It is reductive. Minimalist.

And it represents the essence of the new Nissan Brand: MODERN • DYNAMIC • CUTTING EDGE • WARM

It adds three-dimensional depth and the play of light and shadow to the Primary Logo foundation.

The following pages provide details on the Brand Logo variations, the channels in which to apply them and the recommendations for best-practice applications.

Marketing Communications Logo

For use in high-quality production:

Print & Digital OOH
High-quality POS

For use when resolution is lower:

Low Resolution Print
Digital Display Banners

Minimum Size And Clear Space

The Nissan Brand Logo should never appear smaller than 14mm in print and 56 px in digital.

Always allow the illustrated minimum clear space around the Nissan Brand Logo to separate it from other elements. Clear space (x) is defined for both vertical and horizontal by the distance between the serifs of the upper and lower arc of the logo.

The logo’s clear space must be followed across all media and channels.

Brand Illuminated Logo Image Background Use

When placed on photographic backgrounds, the Illuminated Logo must retain its clarity and contrast.

Backgrounds that are more singular in tone with little variation or texture work best.

This white logo works on both light- and dark-toned backgrounds. Judgment must be used to ensure the most contrast between background and logo.

Illuminated Logo Usage Don'ts

Do not place the logo on top of a busy or high-contrast image. If placing the logo over a photograph or illustration, it is best to use the least busy portion of the image.

Consider modifying the image to create a less busy area to better allow clear legibility of the logo.

In general it is best to modify the background to achieve contrast, rather than the logo.

White Illuminated Logo 3D

The new white 3D Illuminated Logo lays over an image as a transparent file (supplied separately).

This logo carries 4-Color tone and graduation. It has more definition and subtlety than the 2D version. It’s designed to work on any full bleed background, when high-quality reproduction is achievable, whatever the size.


  • High-quality Print
  • Brochure
  • POS
  • Printed and Digital OOH
  • Motorshow & Events

White Illuminated Logo 2D

The new white 2D Illuminated Logo lays over an image as a transparent file (supplied separately).

This logo is designed as a flat white version, with greyscale shadow, that is capable of working on any full bleed background, where legibility and recognition is critical, and resolution is lower, whatever the size.


  • Low Resolution Print
  • Digital Display Banners
  • Dealer Advertising

Nissan Brand Wordmark

The Brand Illuminated Logo is the primary branding element in all creative across media, and the Nissan Brand Wordmark is mainly used for corporate branding.

However, use of the Nissan Brand Wordmark is allowed for creative in exceptional cases for security legibility, such as PACE/website, Sponsorship and mobile display banners.

The clear space 'N' is defined for both vertical and horizontal by the cap height of the 'N' in the logo.

The logo’s clear space must be followed across all media and channels.

Nissan Brand Wordmark - Logo Color

Nissan Brand Wordmark should only be used in Nissan Black or Nissan White.

In exceptional cases, the Nissan Brand Wordmark may be used in Nissan White on a Nissan Red background.

  • Where it is difficult to see or obtain visibility from a distance
  • Where exposure time is short
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