Designing For Nissan Brand Out Of Home

Full bleed photography for OOH allows for greater creative freedom and opportunities.

Combined with the new Brand logo and the flexible VI, the result is a more modern, dynamic feel & look. This freedom however comes with the demand for cutting edge craft, raising the bar in each and every execution.

Creative should be reductive and focused on one clear message.

Flexible Hierarchy Of OOH

These examples demonstrate how the two logo sizes affect the visual hierarchy of the creative.

The primary placement should be used in most cases. It creates a nice balance between the messaging, image and logo.

The secondary placement should be used when the brand is being promoted as a primary element within the layout or when the viewing distance and/or media size require it for legibility.

Brand Logo Placement & Sizing Guidelines For OOH

For further guidance on Brand and NIM Logo sizing & placement across different OOH formats, please view the full guidelines here.

NIM Logo Placement & Sizing For OOH

Where appropriate, the NIM Logo should be applied as a consistent branding element.

The size of the NIM Logo is based on the height of the space between the Nissan Brand Logo serifs.

The primary NIM Logo can be placed in all corners depending on the creative asset. Do not vertically align the NIM Logo and Brand Illuminated Logo, to maintain hierarchy and balance.

In instances where the logo is not legible in black, please use the white with blue version.

Note: For all high-quality Print and OOH, the Nissan Illuminated 3D logo is the default logo. The black logo shown here is for placement and sizing only.

Note: Please refer to the NIM OOH Guidelines for NIM Logo sizing and placement information. For all OOH, the Nissan Illuminated 3D Logo is the default logo. The black logo shown here is for placement and sizing only.

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